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some of Jeff’s Tunes:

Rave Rock
Jazz Dance
Guitar Opus 3

Jeff from fsj days

Jeff’s bands:

The Answers

Jeff at Zoogies
Jeff playing at unknown gig  1983
Jeff studio shot

From the golden years of early 80’s New Wave comes this youthful standout Minneapolis 4 piece New Wave rock band

Their debut album Arrive!

The Answers - Arrive! cover

Passing Phase
Little Girl
I’m the Prezident
Look At Me
Working Class
So Near
But I Want You, Too
Swedish Girls
Coming Down

Swingin’ Uncle Jimmy

The complete unreleased collection!

Answers at Washburn CD back

Sanitation Engineer  
It’s a Game  
Let’s Dance  
Girls Will Be Girls  
Just Stand Out  
Happy Song   
Public Education  
Funk it, Party!
Recreate Live at Ambient

From late 80’s era alternative rock comes this smart rockin’  2 guitar, bass and drums alt-pop sensation!

 Their debut album “Life’s Laundromat”

SUJ Life's Laundromat CD cover


Suntan City
Tangled Webs
Punchin’ Judy
Someone Else
John, I’m Only Mating
Life Near A Higher Sun
Oh No, Here it Comes
Girls Like That
Outside Of Me
Life’s Laundromat

Fruitjar Stackers

Swingin' Uncle Jimmy band

Mid 90’s atlernative rock from this artsy guitar based  trio

 “Black Sky Up For Grabs” EP

Fruitjar Stackers Black Sky CD

Rhonda Doesn’t Dress in Red Anymore
Lucky Number
Sourpuss Sweetheart
Nice Guy When it Rains
Hideaway Beds
Small Talk

The Auroras

 “The Lost Tapes” sessions:  

Fruitjar Stackers Lost Tapes CD cover

Dirtball PileDrive
45 Rathole drive
Reading Books
Bird Loose
Powderhorn Park
Safeside (live)
Rattletrap Honeylamb (live)

Early 2000 era alternative pop rock, done in Jeff’s own home digital studio with Lisa Raye as composer, singer and guitarist. The ultimate studio project band!

Starving In Paradise CD

Auroras Starving In Paradise CD cover

So Run Down
The Sun
Found Your Love
The Muse

Jeff with guitar yellow
Lisa with guitar 1

Lisa Raye

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